I live in east Tennessee in the town of Kingsport with my wife Jerrica. We have three children: a five year old daughter Arabella, a three year old son Japeth, and our newest daughter Zaeleigh. God has blessed me beyond measure with this family and a beautiful wife who loves the truth, I am now a believer in the importance of marrying a Christian. We are simply members of Cherokee church of Christ in Johnson City, TN. I work as an Industrial Mechanic, I do enjoy working with my hands on anything mechanical and working outdoors. I love the true, soul saving doctrine of Christ and I strive to have the love and actions that go with that. I enjoy one on one bible studies and I desire to develop my greatest skills doing that and initiating those studies in our hardened culture. I invite you to consider my thoughts, compare them to His word, and let’s discuss what our eternal life depends on, you can email me on any subject, obeytheword@yahoo. Your comments are also welcome on the post, only let’s all remain open to the truth of His word (John 17:17), unafraid to change our position as we learn.


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