Strange Evidence for God

Charlton Rhinehart

There are many evidences for a person to have faith in God. For some it is nature itself and seeing all the beauty that God has created (Rom 1:20; Psl 19:1), the fact of how it all works together day after day. Perhaps others stand on the fact that it is impossible for something to come from nothing, the scientific excuse that the elements have just always existed leaves too much unexplained. Another source for faith is the word of God (Rom 10:17), when we stick with the study of His word long enough, we begin to see how it all ties together in a way only something far greater than us could design. When we see the different authors over thousands of years all in harmony with the nature of God, when we see the Old Testament stories foreshadowing the New Testament flawlessly it becomes obvious that faith does come by hearing that word. There are many more sources of faith that God gives us, but here lately there is one that stands out to me above the others, and that is the foolishness of sin, that which looks so appealing to the world but God condemned in wisdom only He could have. The more the world becomes wrapped up in sin, the more attractive it becomes to them when in reality it is so obvious the disgust and consequences it holds, that is when Satan’s pull is revealed. Likewise this is also when God’s way looks the best to those who can see beyond these short pleasures, His existence, His wisdom, His words become apparent truth.

An example of the world’s strange attraction to sin is political liberalism. While there is no single party we can recommend the church to vote for that matches God’s word perfectly, it is also so amazing just how Anti-God the left has become – the church cannot be silent about it. The liberal political views that are rapidly spreading in our schools, our youth, among minorities, Hollywood and the wealthy are not just an innocent different view of things as we sometimes think of them. When we see the handouts to those not willing to work we are seeing God’s word ignored (2 Thess 3:10). We see the idle time these individuals now have that Satan uses for temptation, and the lack of respect for what others have worked hard to build. We see genders made into a confusing mess, youth are encouraged to be another sex and prescribed hormones to alter their body’s development causing permanent damage and depression. We see murder being stood for with passion as the left lobbies to keep abortion legal and obscure ideas like euthanizing of elderly, sick, or those with down-syndrome slowly becoming a considerable option. The good principles of America, our founder’s faith, our recognition of God’s word and principles, our heroes who fought wars for these freedoms are made the villains. Homosexuality – that which is against nature, is praised as special and the family by God’s design with scriptural marriage is despised. How could a single party stand for so many evils? How could the majority of our nation now fall for such senseless positions? Only because Satan is the prince of the world, only because God’s way is foolishness to them (1 Cor 1:20, 3:19).

Lust is another example of similar rebellion but with a strange way of spiraling out of control – again however it all testifies to the wisdom of God. On more than one occasion I have seriously discussed scriptures with someone at their home while nearby was a picture or poster of a woman with nearly no clothes on. Often you will find yourself in a situation such as a garage playing gospel music on the radio yet there will also be a calendar nearby featuring a bikini model. It is easy to become hypocritical when ignoring some of Jesus’ commands, especially a command such as to not even lust after a woman which He calls adultery in our hearts leading to hell (Matt 5:28,29). That glance of a beautiful woman in our society can easily turn into a stare of lust, that lust can cause us to seek out more images leading to pornography – always available anywhere by technology. The world’s culture is being destroyed by pornography that Satan has made so common. A person begins it with curiosity and turns away disgusted by some of what is seen. Soon he returns again remembering a favorable image or two, soon those disgusting acts become tolerable, then they become desirable, finally they become an obsession. Pornography twists the mind and heart. No wonder perversions, lust for the underage and rape, homosexuality and many unthinkable desires have manifested our society since the internet has become readily available. We think we can maintain control if we just overlook a command of God, but before we know it our life is consumed with sin and our conscience is seared. If anyone who is locked into this cycle can stop just long enough to look at what has happened he will not only realize his need to change, but he will realize the wisdom of God in a way that shows His undeniable existence.

Sin has a way of blinding us (2 Thess 2:11; Rom 1:26), it also has another way of also waking us up (1 Cor 5:5). From time to time we have that chance to see God’s wisdom in His word because of either our own sins or other’s sin around us. Perhaps it is in these many moments you will find yourself seeing one of the most convincing evidences of God. Strange as it is, sin reveals the glory, wisdom, and evidence of God, and yet it is all around us.

“How sweet are Thy words to my taste! Yes sweeter than honey to my mouth! From Thy precepts I gain understanding; Therefore I hate every false way.” Psalm 119:103,104 NASB